HenQ" was one of seven brothers that were living together, long ago.

Happy and boisterous by nature, HenQ" was always full of sport and keen on playing pranks of all kinds upon the others. He was very big and nimble, indeed; and, so very vigorous and exuberant with life was he that he had not the faintest idea of the disastrous effects of his strength and could not in the least realize how much annoyed were his brothers at many of his jests and pranks. Without paying the slightest attention, he would often smash things to pieces when getting hold of them.  One day for instance, he laid his hand on a pole of the lodge, and the pole was wrenched in such a way that the lodge fell to the ground.

 He had, in fact, become such a source of annoyance and trouble that, although they truly loved him, his brothers decided to get rid of him, at their earliest opportunity.  Having, by that time, found out how great was his strength, they dreaded the idea of ever exciting his anger, for fear that he might indulge in rash and terrible deeds, and destroy them all.

 HenQ's brothers knew of a lonely and distant island, out on the lake.  After long deliberation, they agreed to, abandon him on that uninhabited island, as they were aware that, once there, he could never return.

 Starting on a hunting expedition, therefore, they took HenQ" along with them and, in their canoes, proceeded to the distant island.  It was so arranged that, once there, HenQ was to be led into the interior of the island by one of his brothers. The others were to start in various directions, as if they were going around the island.

 No sooner were HenQn and his brother out of sight, in the thick woods, than, in fact, all the others came back to their canoes, ready to launch them at the first signal.  When they had reached the dense forest, HenQn readily complied with his brother's request to go a little farther into the woods, and watch the game that was being raised and chased ahead.

 Unaware of his brothers' intentions, HenQn went farther into the woods, took his stand somewhere, and looked out for the game.

 Meanwhile, his brother took to flight and joined the others. All at once they jumped into their canoes and paddled away swiftly. HenQn, however, soon found out what was happening; and he came back running towards the shore, when they were still quite near.  One of his brothers caught sight of him as he was rushing towards them, and running along the beach. They all heard him calling and begging them to come back and fetch him.  His voice was so loud and powerful that it made the air shake frightfully. They stopped and listened.  He said, "Will you take me along with you?"  But they replied, "No! you are to be left on the island."

 It so happened that he was willing to stay on the island; and, although he was grieved, he shouted that he had made up his mind to stay there, and would never do any harm to them and their people.  He also told them that they would thereafter be reminded of his presence on the island, as he intended to raise his voice from time to time, to call to them.

 And that is the reason why he stayed on the island to this day, roaming about a part of the year, and sleeping in the winter time.

 When a peal of thunder is sometimes heard in the wintertime, the old Wyandots used to say, "HenQn is turning over; something must have happened and disturbed his nap!"