Sarah Loveless

The first wife of Isaac Williams (3) or SOHARASS, (Tall Tree), of the Wyandots.

In the Treaty of September 29, 1817, held at the "foot of the Rapids" of the Miami (Maumee) of lake Erie, (now Grand Rapids, Ohio), 160 acres were given to Sarah Williams, and her children. She had been a captive of the Indians.

She was born Sarah Loveless, daughter of John Loveless of present day Kentucky. The entire Loveless family of nine persons were taken prisoner on June 26, 1780 at Martin's Station by the British Canadians and their Indian allies.

Along with other prisoners, they were taken to Detroit by the .British soldiers. They were held there until 1784 and taken to American authorities at Pittsburg after their release.

Ruby Kapp had sent for and received the Military Records of one George Loveless who had served in the Revolutionary War on the belief he may be a brother of Sarah.

The records prove he was indeed the brother of our Sarah Williams of the Reserve and the first wife of our Isaac. He had served in 1777 at Boone's Station. Later he returned to the area and served at various times at Riddle's Station, Martin's Station, and Brian's Station. All are in vicinity of Boone's Station.

The 160 acres were located at the bend of the river north of Fremont in an area called "Negro Point" earlier. This was the "Williams Reserve .

From the work of Ruby (Smith) Kapp and Kenneth R. Smith, descendants of the Wyandots.