Wendat Versions of the Lord's Prayer

Father Pierre Chaumonot c 1673 (Daniel Wilson, "The Huron-Iroquois of Canada..."
in Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, 1st series, 2, ii 1884 101-2)

"sk8aisten de ,aronhia, e  hetsitron"
sk8aisten  de  ,aronhia,e  etsitron
you are father to us  who  in the sky  where you dwell
You are our father who dwells in the sky

aiesachiendaen  sken
we should place your name, honour you  let it be
Let it be that we honour you,

"aia8ak8astasken aronhia,e aiesendaieratasken nondende ia,8es(-)osken haia8enk etiesendaierati."
aia/,/8ak8as/(-)/a sken  /,/aronhia,e
we would be beautiful, happy  let it be in the sky
aiesenda/,/erat  asken
we should choose to imitate you, have you as a guiding principle, leader  let it be
n/,/ondende ia,8es (-)o  sken aia8enk
on earth  we walk, go  there  let it be it would happen
we chose you as a guiding principle, leader in such a place
Let it be that we would be happy in the sky with you chosen as our guiding principle as
it is that we walk on earth having you as our guiding principle

"Ta8annontasken exentate ondaie d'ora8enstsk8i n'on8ennonk8at ta8annont i(-)ondi d'ate8entate d'aionnhek8i"
Ta/,/8snnont asken ex/'/entate ondaie d'
give it to us  let it be this day  it that which
ors8enstak8i n'  on/,/8ennonk8at ta/,/8annont
it puts us in a state ot 'goodness' that which our medicine give us
 i(-)ondi d'  ate8enta/,/e  d'  aionnhek8i
also that which   every day  that which  it is our instrument of life
Give us this day that which puts our medicine in a state of goodness; give us, also, everyday that which is our life-provider.

"Sasandi,onrhenk non8ari8adera,i (-)oskenaia8en n'enditson8adi,onrhens n'onxihiatolati"
sasandi,onrhenk  n'
Let it fall out of your mind, way you forget, forgive that which
on/,/8ari/h/a/n/dera,i (-)o sken  n'
we make mistakes in important matters  that, there  let it be  that which
endi  tson/,/8a/n/di,onrhens  n'  onxiato/,/ati
we  we let fall from our wind, forget, forgive  who  they offended, bothered us
Let it be that you forgive the mistakes we made in important matters as we forgive those who offended us

"ennonchien eon,8asichennia de,ari8aderai' a8eti ta,8a,arennien d'okaot"
ennonchien  eon,8a/h8/ichennia de
let it not be   we will be overcome by the force of it  that which
,ari/h/8a/n/dera/,/i  a8eti  ta,8a,arennien
one makes mistakes in important matters    all    remove it, take it away from us
d'  okaot
that which  it is bad

Let it be that we will not be overcome by the force of mistakes in important matters.  Remove from us all that is bad