Register of Wyandot Missionary Society at Upper Sandusky Ohio

List of Members as they stand this year (1832)
Alex Long
Robert Gray Eyes
Sally Frost
Silas Armstrong 
Blind Woman *
Wm. Walker
James Rankin
Geo Punch Senr
G.I. Clark
Francis Driver
Russia Hicks Wife
John Barnett
Wm. Isaac Williams
H. Jacquis
James Bigtree
Polly Mudeater
Stand in the Water
John McLean
James Harryhoot
Wm. Big River
Mathew Warpole
Alfred Chocktow
John Hicks, Senior
Mrs. Warpole
Jacob Hooper
Chas B. Garrett
James Washington
Wm. Harryhoot
- Grand Daughter
Little Chief
Thos. Clark
Russia Hicks
Isaac Williams
Wm. Rankin
Saint Peter
Rebecca Hicks
Men too tock
Geo. Armstrong
Mrs. Barnett
Matilda Gray Eyes
Doctor Gray Eyes
Catharine Clark
Tot soo ya nay
Francis A. Hicks
Wm. Esq. Gray Eyes
Rain an cooh
Esqr Gray Eyes
John W. Gray Eyes
Nancy R. Pipe
Samuel Brown
John Punch
Wm. Long
Catharine Warpole
Big River
David Young
Hannah Walker
Mary Hicks
Sarah Barnett
Polly Summendowot
John Hicks, Jr.
Dot to mih teh
Wm. Standing Water
Mary Fletcher
Francis Mudeater
You mur ree hoo
Robert R. Charloe
Saint Peter's Wife
It was agreed by the managers at full meeting that the seventh anniversary of the Wyandot Missionary Society be held at the Stone Meeting House on the evening of the 9th of August 1834; accordingly, the chair was taken by Alex Long, the President and the Society was addressed by his Excellency Governor Lucas, By Ronuness, Geo. I. Clark, John McLean, and Henry Jacquis.  After which the annual subscription was taken up.  The Society then proceeded to the election of officers to serve for the ensuing year; when the following individuals were elected
By Wm Walker, Secretary

*Between-the-Logs' sister Tar-He-Too